Getting Nearer

The day, actually night, of our strolling the streets of London draws ever nearer.  Now just over 3 weeks away, and we have to report that our training is going fantastically well.  Our latest stroll saw us cover just over 8 miles, walking from Hythe to Blackfield and back.  We haven't even got any blisters yet - a couple of soakings, but no blisters.

This Sunday we'll be going even further.

As well as all of our training, we are also working hard on adorning our decorative bras for the occasion.  Will we brave enough to put up a photo - well it depends how much money we get!

Did you know, in total our team will be covering 65 1/2 miles on the night of 11th May - now that is definitely a long way, and I'm sure you'll agree, well worth a bit of sponsorship money.

How can you sponsor us?

if you click here, you can go to the main Moonwalk site, to see what it's all about.

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