Thought of the Day

This month we will be giving you our thought for the day throughout the month.  This coincides with our lens manufacturer's Jul-Eye promotion.

July 15th - 90% of premature visible ageing is caused by UV light.

July 14th - Motor accidents caused by poor vision cost the UK an estimated £33 million per year and result in nearly 2900 casualties.

July 13th - Of those who had their eyes examined, 10% discovered an unrelated health issue, early enough to treat it.

July 12th - 40% of UV exposure happens outside of direct sunlight

July 11th - How does a child know their vision is normal?......... They don't!!

July 10th - 80% of all UV exposure occurs before the age of 18.

July 9th - In a normal lifetime, your eyes will see almost 24 million images.

July 8th - Only 41% of adults ensure their children wear sunglasses when they are outdoors.

July 7th - One in three parents have never taken their children for an eye exam.

July 6th - Almost six thousand drivers in the UK have been banned from driving after failing an initial roadside numberplate test.

July 5th - Over 60 million people now live in Britain and Ireland and it is estimated around half would benefit from better vision.

Thursday 4th July  - If you face the sun, harmful UV rays can enter your eyes from the front.  But did you know UV rays can also reflect onto your eyes from the back?

Wednesday 3rd July - It is now possible to buy prescription sunglasses with fifty times better protection that without any lenses.

Tuesday 2nd July - In direct sunlight, UV rays can cause more harm to the unprotected eye.

Monday 1st July - A quality eye exam not only tests eyesight but also health.

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